How Human Resource Department Can Manage New Hiring Efficiently

One of the biggest challenges within the organization and a pending task in many HR departments is to establish practices that favor the good use of time and resources in the company. It is this department that usually makes the most complicated decisions in organizations: increases, dismissals, promotions, or selection of new talents. At the same time, they must define a human management policy that includes the management of effective and participatory communication channels to strengthen the work environment strengthen the relationship between the workforce, and increase employee engagement.

Redesigning Processes : To optimize them and save money and time. Process redesign involves rethinking all workflows, determining how they are interconnected, detecting where the obstacles are, what people are involved, and what tools are being used. The ultimate goal is to eliminate superfluous steps and expenses and make all workflows more efficient.

Incorporating Technology : Tools to manage talent and to make the day-to-day tasks of the human resources team more agile and simple. The management tools talent not only serves to organize the selection process but also to monitor the performance of all computers and detect possible problems of any kind which are preventing people do their job well.

Motivating Staff : The most important good in a company is people, since they are the generators of value in the company. Creating an environment that favors the development of its potential will be fully reflected in the efficiency of the organization.

Working Better, No More : It is important to prioritize those most relevant tasks that must be solved with greater urgency: during the performance of these, it is necessary to focus, avoid distractions, and not focus on irrelevant details if it is not necessary. It is advisable to prepare a manual of good time organization practices and try to make them become habits that help all the people in the organization reduce the time dedicated to each task.

Communicating Effectively : It is important to convey confidence to all the people who are part of an organization so that they have no qualms about getting their doubts and/or suggestions to the managers or managers of the company.

By way of conclusion, mention that these actions will not only have an impact on the efficient use of the time and resources available in the company, but also on the commitment of the employees, who will feel more satisfied when finding that it is possible to do a good job in less time, and also avoiding the stress generated by the frustration of not achieving the stated purposes within the established deadlines.

What Stages Does The Management Of The Human Resources Of A Project Include?

We will include as human resources of a project all those professionals who have roles and responsibilities in the said project. The stages and activities included in human resources training seminars 2020 and this human factor management of a project are summarized below:

  • Organization and planning. Plan how much staff the project needs, what profiles, for what roles and responsibilities, both short and medium or long term of the project.
  • Select the people with the best job profile taking into account the needs of both the company and the project.
  • Reception and training. Make new workers known about the organization, department, or area of ​​which they will be part and, of course, the project in which their daily effort will be limited. Adapt your training level to the requirements of the project, both at the time of incorporation and throughout your stay in the organization.
  • Personnel management or administration. Perform all legal-labor procedures that any labor relationship requires.
  • Competence evaluation. Assess your performance in relation to your position and the project, control the achievement of the objectives that have been previously assigned and communicated, etc.
  • Promotion and career plan . Evaluate the possibility of assuming more coordination and management powers of parts of the current project or other futures, among other issues.

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