Find the Best Coworking Spaces in Germany

Coworking is a relatively new work model that has made waves from the United States to us in Europe. If you translate the term literally, coworking basically means nothing other than working together. In detail, coworking space stands for the rental of a desk or office in a community building, where most creative people work in an open-plan office – for themselves or together on their projects.

It is up to each coworker to decide how regularly they want to use the coworking space; the workplace can be booked on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis, which enables flexible working and protects the wallet, in contrast to having your own office. A coworking space offers the workplace itself and the necessary infrastructure – i.e., internet, printer, scanner, telephone, projector, and, if necessary, meeting rooms.

Who Are Coworking Spaces Suitable For?

Open Atmosphere : In many coworking spaces, the emphasis is placed on an open, accessible atmosphere. Here, communication between the most diverse disciplines and the development of joint projects are to be promoted. Larger coworking spaces offer, in addition to interaction areas for networking with the other coworkers, retreat areas for undisturbed work.

Community : Business collaborations that arise in coworking spaces are often expanded from private individuals, which strengthens the sense of community within the office.

Environmental Awareness : Because the devices are used by many people in a coworking space, not only can everyone save, but also protect the environment.

What Should I Look For When Looking For A Coworking Space?

When comparing the different offers for coworking spaces, you should definitely consider these points:

  • Opening times: Whether you get up early or for night owls – there is the right coworking space for everyone. Most also include a key or door code in the largest package, which you can use to get to the coworking space 24/7.

  • Trial Offers: Ask if your coworking space has tasting offers or day tickets – so you can find out if you really predict the environment and the atmosphere.

  • Own or changing desk: Do you prefer a fixed desk where you can leave your things, or is it enough for you to grab a free space that is currently available? In most coworking spaces, the hot or fixed desks are the core element of the packages.

  • Other coworkers: Before you book a coworking space, find out who else is working here. Depending on the industry, noise levels, and equipment, but also the atmosphere, can be very different. Depending on the business model, you can, of course, already have the networking aspect in mind.

  • Extras: table football, coffee corner, business address – what else do you need in your office besides a table and chair? Each coworking space offers different specials.

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